Thursday, December 31, 2015


Hi everyone!

We wanted to send off 2015 with a recap of some of our favorite posts. Let's see if you agree with us! In the meantime, we at Bergamot Gems would like to wish all of our faithful followers a very happy and prosperous new year. See you all in 2016!!!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Dare to Wear: The Neckline Issue

'Tis the season for festivities and merriment! But with all of these gatherings with family and friends comes the very pressing question of what to wear and how to perfectly accessorize for these many get-togethers. Fear not, Bergamot Gems has got you covered for every neckline! We'll show you how to maximize your jewelry!

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1) Turtlenecks: Because this neckline is high, pair a turtleneck with a bold statement necklace, whose color, design, or texture is very full. If you'd like to elongate the neck, a longer necklace with a bold pendant is also an option.

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2) Boat neck: The Boat neckline is by nature very wide across the collar bone. In order to counter this broad feature, an ideal pairing is the long chain or numerous long chains- look. This elongates the neck and gives a slimming appearance.

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3) V-necks  as well as sweetheart necklines can sometimes feel like they draw too much attention to what would otherwise be empty space in the chest. A good balance for this is to find a necklace that mimics the shape of the neckline, preferably something bold and symmetrical.

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4) Scoop: In keeping with this same logic, the scoop is best accessorized by jewelry that follows the natural curve of the fabric; giving it almost a built-in appearance.

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5) Strapless: The Strapless outfit gives a lot of room to work with, however it's best to run with a choker for this neckline; this draws attention up towards the face and allows for other pieces, such as dangle earrings, to accent the face.

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6) Buttoned shirts can sometimes feel restrictive when it comes to necklaces. That being said, feel free to throw that feeling out the window! Especially with buttoned up shirts, it's a perfect occasion to bust out the bright and bold "Bib" necklaces which give a little flair to an otherwise no-nonsense collar.
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7) On the opposite side of the spectrum there is the plunging neckline, which is not an easy neckline to pair. In order to accentuate this narrow space, an equally plunging thin chain would work best. Chunky necklaces would draw attention away from this eye-catching neckline.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

5 Standout British Jewelers You Should Know About Today!

Hi everyone! Sorry we've been scarce with the entries lately. The crew and I were away to attend conferences in London, England. But while we were gone, we went exploring and saw TONS of stuff which had us rather wishing we had more time in the country. So we thought we would share some of the gem-related stuff with you! Here are 5 jewelers that stood out in our minds:

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1) Ritz Fine Jewelers: On our first day we took a stroll about Piccadilly circus and took a turn in at the Ritz Fine Jewelers. Beyond the iconic arches of the Ritz Carlton London lies an off-to-the-side room which houses some exquisite jewelry. Open since 2000 and exclusive to the London location, this store is best known for its use of unusual colored stones and designs that are envisioned and made into reality right in this great city.

Fine Emerald Necklace. Photo Courtesy of
2) Boodles: Don't be fooled by the name, Boodles, once Boodles and Dunthorne, has a long history in England. Starting out in 1798 in Liverpool, this once family-run store took on greater dimensions when the Wainwright family took it over. With a reputation for distinguished jewelry, fine silverware and watches, this company would evolve primarily into a retailer of bespoke jewelry.
Various pieces from Garrards & Co. Photos courtesy of, & Pinterest.
3) Garrards: Speaking of long histories, one could not list British jewelers without listing Garrards, a jeweler whose illustriousness is second to none. In a nutshell, Garrards is an institution. While today it is best known for producing the Premier League Trophy as well as Princesses Diana and Kate's sapphire engagement ring, Garrards was and still is charged with the design, care and upkeep of most of the British Crown Jewels (which by the way, will make your jaw drop). Established in 1735, they have seen every modern jewelry era, spanning from Georgian to the more recent Retro and Art Deco of the 20th century. Needless to say, a visit in their store is nothing short of an experience.

Bespoke Hummingbird Bracelet and Bird Ring. Photo Courtesy of

4) Stephen Einhorn is incredibly proud to be British. A self-proclaimed born and raised Londoner, his work as a creative designer has been motivated by the desire to bring back authentic British craftsmanship. Perhaps first brought into the limelight in the mid 1990s due to collaborations with fashion designer Paul Smith, he is noted for producing edgy yet sensible men's jewelry (a market that is still seldom explored today). Even further, he was among the first to produce lines of jewelry designed as commitment pieces for the LGBT community. If you are in the area of Islington, it is definitely worth the visit.
From the Couture Voyage collection. Photo Courtesy of www,
From the Fly by Night collection. Photo courtesy of
From the Magnipheasant collection. Photo courtesy of
From the Seven Deadly Sins collection. Photo courtesy of

5) Stephen Webster is what I would call a story-teller. While described by most as a modern-classic designer, I'd like to think that his use of vibrant and visceral colored stones illustrate his work (may I call it art?) beautifully. With collections including the Seven Deadly Sins, Magnipheasant and the more recent Fly by Night, it is clear that he wishes to convey very powerful messages through jewelry.

Anyone want to catch a plane with us? Let us know if you know of British jewelers we didn't get to visit, we'll be happy to check them out!