About Us

Born simply of an admiration and zeal for gemstones and driven by the unrelenting will to revamp the buying process by educating and empowering people, Bergamot Gems prides itself on a creed that is founded in integrity and knowledge. We distinguish ourselves by seeing the supply of high-grade gemstones not as the end point, but the starting point; a benchmark if you will. It is with a discerning eye that we select only those stones who are most daring. By engaging in open discussion that is frank and factual, we provide our clients with the necessary tools for them to have the ball in their court. We believe that it is by giving our clients this confidence that one can build a lasting relationship; one that is built on trust rather than the traditional salesman/customer exchange. Our goal is simple: To provide gems which reflect the elegance and sophistication of their owners, while approaching the business of gems in a new and refreshing light. Let us reset your expectations….